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Why Therapy

Crisis is the entry point

for knowing ourselves

Sometimes crisis comes in the form of an out-of-control teenager

Do we impose more structure or let go?

Or there's the decline of an aging parent, and we are confused

How do we support them? What about this panic we feel?

Or our spouse gets seriously ill or loses a job

     a marriage isn't what we thought it was

          a conflict with a co-worker drives us to distraction

Or a question - if I let myself grieve, will I ever stop?


A crisis can be a lifelong pattern of worry or regret

      or a nagging suspicion about the effects of drinking


     or food

Whatever the nature of the problem

         learning how to sort our feelings

         deciding on actions to take

               is something we all need help with from time to time

How I Work

Supportive Environment

You can count on me


The therapy relationship is a key tool

Existential/Humanistic Base

Human beings can change through awareness and insight

Challenging & Encouraging Style

We all need help seeing our blindspots

FAMILY          COUPLE         INDIVIDUAL         GROUP      


Character Issues

Loss of Meaning

Relationship Issues

Self & Society


Grief & Loss

Family Dynamics

People Misunderstand Me


20 minutes



55 minutes



45 minutes $115  

55 minutes $150 


90-120 minutes


Payment collected through online portal at time of service

Early morning & evening hours available.

Issues around fees? Even this can be included in our dialogue.

I am an out of network provider.

Most people, fundamentally, want relief. Our tendency is to want to get away with as much as we can, change as little as possible, and be told that we're wonderful.
But the thing is, the ultimate relief is change. If we really  want relief, then we have to become interested in really changing, in giving up this deeply compromised relationship to life. And then you get the ultimate relief, because you're actually a different person, and you're not so afraid of life anymore. You're actually engaging with life in a passionate, dynamic way.

Andrew Cohen

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