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Life invites us to participate

It sets the rules
We choose our response

Why Therapy

Crisis leads to change

Are you ready?

Many of us let a crisis chase us while we hunt around for escape. This cycle rarely leads to true relief. Therapy is the work of learning how to stop the desperate reaction that keeps us stuck.

How I Work

We all need help

seeing our blindspots

My work provides a safe haven where we can explore the nature of the problem. It includes incisive reflection intended to elicit your own life-changing insight.


About Laurie

Laurie Riepe, MA, LMHC, offers psychotherapy in private practice with couples, individuals, teens and groups. Working deeply and extensively in a transformative process, she supports her clients to explore the human experience within the context of freedom. Her background and training includes Eastern and Western contemplative practices, yoga, Existential Psychology and Liberation Theory.

Contact Laurie

Sessions are held both virtually and
in-person (Maple Leaf neighborhood)



All scheduling done by phone

Call me, I'll call you back


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